About Us

About Us

First commissioned in 2013, A2 is been sailing around the British Virgin Islands for the last few years.


The yacht has undergone a full 2020 refit in Valencia, resulting in a completely modernised luxury interior with updated colour scheme and is now located in the beautiful Balearic Islands.

A2 is captained by Stephen Parson.

Approaching the completion of the refit, A2 is available to hire at a significantly discounted rate. The boat does not currently feature the main mast and sails, and the base exterior of the boat will not have been fully repainted. Due to this and by booking directly with us you will be able to secure a weekly rental at a reduced cost, exclusively this Mediterranean summer.

You will be able to enjoy the luxury of a private yacht hire at a fraction of the price. We are also open to rental by room, please enquire. 

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